Built by the Largs Bay Land and Investment Company in 1882, the Largs Pier Hotel is rich in history. When it opened, on the same day as the Largs Bay Pier and Railway, the area immediately became a major port of call for mail steamers and an important seaside resort for South Australia. For two decades, the hotel was the first primary port of call – and first temporary residence – for New Australians travelling from Europe to begin their life in the “Lucky Country”.

The hotel also boasts the unusual place in Australian history as having the country’s first drive through bottle shop, in 1953. So when you drive through our Sip'n Save, take a moment to stop and realise that you’re now a part of Australia’s history!

During the 70s and 80s the hotel began to establish its reputation as an important Aussie Music icon. Jimmy Barnes with Cold Chisel, AC/DC, The Little River Band and The Angels all played here during the early days of their careers. Bon Scott, who later became the lead singer of AC/DC, even met his wife at the Largs Pier Hotel after a gig in 1971.

Photos sourced from the Port Adelaide Historical Society.


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Located at 198 Esplanade, on the corner of Jetty Road in Largs Bay, the Largs Pier is only 20 minutes - and a world - away from the heart of Adelaide.



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