A broad selection of the latest games is just the beginning in the Largs Pier Gaming Room. Because we want your experience to be fun, exciting, and like no other, we are continually having promotions and themed events. You can enjoy “Christmas in July”! Bring your mum along for Mothers’ Day. Or throw on a fancy hat for the Melbourne Cup. Here you’ll find a lot more than just “The Pokies”.

The Jackpot Club

To further improve your overall gaming experience; we take advantage of the popular and effective Jackpot Club system. This “smart card” is a rewards-based program that enables you to redeem points in the Gaming Room. And it’s simple! One point = one cent, so you always know what your rewards are worth. Your rewards are then stored directly on your “J-Card”. These points can then be used for meals at the Largs Bar or to enter cash-prize competitions.

J-Card Play Smart System

Redeem and Receive Meal Vouchers

Opening Hours: 9am - 3am Monday to Saturday, 9am - 12pm Sunday

"You know the score. Stay in control. Gamble Responsibly"

Click here for information about gambling help services.


What's On


There's always something new at the Largs Pier Hotel. Come and see what's happening this week!



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